Director's Message

The ARES space program represents the best of our aspirations, and its success will forever stand as an unforgettable reminder about what we can achieve with effort, imagination and teamwork.

Perhaps it's the innate human desire to explore that propels us to venture so far from home, but I've always suspected that it has more to do with our innate desire to know who we are and where we come from that drives our actions.

Ultimately, that curiosity about where we've been is more about knowing where we're headed.

With that same sense of destination in mind, NASA will once again send a team of brave, dedicated explorers to Mars to further explore the past in the hopes of ascertaining our future.

By examining the Martian terrain and its geological history, we hope to learn more about why it wound up a desiccated, inhospitable world lest we find one day find our own planet on the same path.

Theodore Sanders