Helping the future arrive is what we do. We solve the great problems of our times. We create the innovative technologies that define eras. While no one knows what's going to change the world next, we're probably already working on it.

Our people know their work is making a difference on an astronomical scale. We may not know what’s going to change the world next, but chances are we’re already working on it, and you can too. At Quantex Industries, we’ll give you the tools you need to make the most impact, with mentorships, networking opportunities, Employee Resource Groups, regular touch points with managers, and ongoing professional development and support. It’s this culture of innovation, this passion for doing whatever it takes to bring about a better world that makes working at Quantex Industries such a rewarding experience. Start out your career innovating for a better world with us. Discover what's possible just over the horizon. View our open positions and sign up today!


Scheduled Assurance. Access Assurance. Reliability.

To be human is to explore. Quantex Industries is developing advanced capabilities to usher in a new era of human space exploration. Humans will travel deeper into space, where greater discoveries await and where future generations will be inspired.